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1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

Convertible w/both tops.

This car is in fine shape. Rust free as you will see in the photos, it has spent most of its life in California before coming here to Colorado.

I have recently installed new shocks and a new steering stabilizer from Bilstein. All fluids were changed and any leaks were cured. New plugs, wires and cap/ rotor were also installed along with a proper tuning of the fuel injection pump.

The paint and chrome on the car are excellent. This car nice enough for the occasional enthusiast car show, and sound enough to be enjoyed on the roads regularly.

Interior has no defects. l just recently replaced the climate control unit and everything functions properly with no worn / broken selector switches like these cars are prone to having.

It also has an aftermarket CD player and CD changer, properly installed and fully functioning.

Unique color combination and truly stunning in person.

This car will not disappoint!

VIN# 113044-12-018143

Mileage: 4,685 - Since restoration

Automatic Transmission

Exterior Blue

Interior: Navy

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